Department of Western Languages

B.A.     (English)            B.Ed. (English)
B.A.     (French)            
Grad. Dip. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
M.A.     (English)
M.A.     (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
M.A.     (Business English for International Communication)
Ph.D.     (English)

The goal of the Department is to teach undergraduates and postgraduates to the highest level in language and language skills.
The Department has also undertaken international projects, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, with universities in United States, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan. These projects aim to help increase the student’s language skills and first- hand experience in real-life language use, to widen their cultural perspectives, and to promote better understanding of the native speakers and their culture.
The Department also offers intensive English in-service teacher training, and community courses to faculty members, students, school teachers and the general public. Several of these courses are carried out in co-operation with both local and international institutes.

For more information:
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