Guidelines for Employees

Faculty of Humanities

Guidelines for Employees on Probation

These guidelines and the following aspects for all new recruits come from Srinakharinwirot University’s regulations and procedures for officers.

1. Probation Period

                All new employees (lecturers and supporting staff) have a SIX months period of probation.

2. Working Hours

                     In addition to teaching, all new employees are required to maintain regular office hours.  It is expected that each probationer will hold a minimum of EIGHT office hours per week.                

3. Professional Development

                It should be made absolutely clear to all probationers that they are not eligible for claiming any refund on their professional development, be it training, attending conferences, fieldtrips etc.

4. Loans

                Probationary employees are not able to borrow money from the faculty under any circumstance.

5. Leave of Absence

                All employees on probation MUST strictly follow Srinakharinwirot University’s calendar for working days as well as annual holidays specified in item 2, pages 127-131 of University’s regulations and procedures for officers on August 27, 2002.  Compliance with rules of sick leave or official leave taken for treatment of illness is required as follows.

   (1) Submit a sick leave form to a superior as per the seniority until it reaches the person with the authority to give permission before or on the day of the leave. Except the case of necessity, the sick leave form may be submitted on the first day of returning to work.

                   In case the symptoms are severe in which the leave taker is unable to sign the sick leave form, another person may submit the sick leave form on behalf of the leave taker. However, as soon as the leave taker is able to do it, the leave taker is to submit the sick leave form immediately. 

            (2) A sick leave form together with a medical certificate issued by a registered person who holds a medicine practitioner profession license are required for sick leave of 3 days or more, otherwise the person with the authority to give leave permission may allow the use of a medical certificate issued by a medical practitioner.